We Believe In Quality. Many say this but few really take the time and have pride in getting a job done right.  Ocean Electric stands behind its work.  Always.

A company you will feel good about.
We believe in good people.  We know that when you are trustworthy, kind and helpful it comes back to you, multiplied.  We take the time to walk you through the job and help you make electrical choices that can be technical and overwhelming.  Owner, Eric Jufer, has worked with top lighting design specialists.  He is comfortable creating breath-taking lighting installations in some of the top restaurants and finest homes, as well as landscape lighting that makes your yard glow at night.  He knows when to add a dimmer switch or kitchen task lighting that will make a room pop.  He is also just nice to be around.  You will not regret your choice.

Ocean Electric Specializes in

Lighting Design and Installations
New Construction Wiring
Kitchen Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Service Panel Installation/Upgrades
Ceiling Fans
Small appliance, Intercom, Doorbell Installation
Pipe bending

Ocean Electric is a commercial and residential electrical company that is proudly located on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

We believe in quality work at an affordable price.  Our clients know they are getting reliable, safe and efficient work when they hire us.  We rely on our repeat customers and our excellent references.

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